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2007 Dodge Ram Truck Technical Service Bulletins

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Technical Service Bulletins and Service Campaigns
2007 DC/DH/DR/D1 - Ram Pickup All Groups / All Engines

      Group: 02 - Suspension

  02-001-07A When Braking The Vehicle May Drift To One Side Or Exhibits A Body Shudder

  Group: 03 - Rear Axle

  03-001-07 4WD System May Not Engage Or Disengage As Desired With "SERV 4WD" Message

  Group: 06 - Clutch
  06-001-07 Clutch System May Over-Adjust Causing Difficulty Engaging Transmission Gear

  Group: 08 - Electrical

  08-016-06 Intermittent Operation Of Electrical Components Due To Ignition Off Draw (IOD) fuse Not Being Fully Seated
  08-017-06 StarSCAN® Vehicle Scan Report Availability
  08-038-06 Flash: The Transmission Is In Limp-in Mode After Engine Start
  08-001-07B Passenger Air Bag Deactivation
  08-015-07 Flash: Sunroof Module, Excessive Ignition Off Draw, Pop In Radio with Ignition Off, Dome Lamp Flickers And May Not Go Off
  08-024-07 Distorted Sound In Door Speaker, Rear Quarter Speaker Or Rear Shelf Speaker With The Radio On

  Group: 09 - Engine

  09-009-06 Superseded by 09-001-07
  09-001-07 Intake-to-Throttle Body Joint May Cause A Whistle-Like Sound On 3.7L Engines

  Group: 13 - Frame and Bumpers


  Group: 14 - Fuel

  14-007-06 Fuel And Fuel Filtering Requirements For Cummins 5.9L And 6.7L Engines

  Group: 18 - Vehicle Performance

  18-001-07 Flash: Check Gauges Lamp Illuminates For Alternator Charging With DTC P2502, P2503, or P2509
  18-009-07B Ram Truck 3500 Cab & Chassis - Excessive Soot Accumulation In Exhaust, PCM May Not Reprogram, And Other Engine System Enhancements
  18-018-07 Mopar Remote Start System - RKE - Intermittent Operation Or Alarm May Sound
  18-027-07 Flash: MIL Illumination Due To EGR Position Sensor DTC - P0404, P0405, or P0406
  18-030-07 Engine Off-Idle Speed Limit Feature To Protect Turbocharger When Vehicle Is Not Moving
  18-033-07B Ram Truck 2500 & 3500 - Excessive Soot Accumulation In Exhaust, PCM May Not Reprogram, OBD Readiness Status And Other Engine System Enhancements
  18-037-07A 68RFE Transmission - DTC P0868 Low Line Pressure

  Group: 19 - Steering


  Group: 21 - Transmission

  21-010-06 Automatic Transmission Fluid Usage ATF+4 (Type MS9602)
  21-002-07D Flash: Torque Converter Shudder / Shift Quality Improvements / DTC P0732
  21-009-07 48RE Transmission - 1-2 Shift Hunt At Light Throttle
  21-011-07 "SERV 4WD" Lamp And DTC C1405 - Transfer Case Range Position Sensor Circuit High
  21-019-07 FLASH: 68RFE Transmission - Harsh Coastdown Shift And/Or Harsh 2-3 Upshift

  Group: 22 - Wheels/Tires


  Group: 23 - Body

  23-014-06 Windshield Wiper Blade/Element Maintenance
  23-021-06 Superseded by TSB 23-021-06A
  23-021-06A YES Essentials® Stain, Odor, & Static Resistant Fabric Care
  23-010-07 Water Leak Due To Small Void In Backlite Sealer
  23-011-07 Power Backlite Sliding Window - Glass Keeper Loose
  23-013-07 Trailer Towing Mirror - New Mirror Glass Locking Tab - New Removal Procedure
  23-028-07A Buzz-Like Sound From Front Door Speaker Area When Radio Is On
  23-036-07 Low Gloss Interior Trim

  Group: 24 - Heating and Air Conditioning


  Group: 25 - Emissions

  25-003-07 DTC P0456 - Evaporative System Small Leak Due To Loose Charcoal From Canister

  Group: 26 - Revisions

  26-003-07 Fluid Flushing Requirements

  Group: 28 - Service Campaigns


I would like to thank Bob Bergevin, Arthur Cantrall, Barry Drodge, David Lovell, Bill Maurits, and Steve for supplying the information for these bulletins. And a big thank you goes to Geno's Garage for making possible.


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