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2004 Dodge Ram Truck Technical Service Bulletins

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Technical Service Bulletins and Service Campaigns
2004 DH/DR/D1 - Ram Pickup All Groups / All Engines

      Group: 02 - Suspension


  Group: 03 - Rear Axle

  03-001-04A Axle Fluid Level
  03-003-04 Launch Shudder
  03-004-04 Axle Whine

  Group: 05 - Brakes

  05-001-05 1500 Brake Shudder or Vibration

  Group: 08 - Electrical

  08-008-03 Compact Disc (CD) Loading & Ejecting for 6 Disc Radio (RBQ)
  08-028-03 Radio CD ERR Message
  08-011-04 Poor Radio Sound Quality With Infinity Speakers
  08-014-04 Radio Intermittent Audio
  08-027-04 Safety Systems - Vehicle Modifications/Repair
  08-014-05 Mopar Accessory Remote Starter Inoperative Due To Hood Switch
  08-015-05 Powertrain Control Module Initialization
  08-024-05 Radio Communication Equipment Installation Recommendations
  08-002-06 Crackle/Pop/Static From Audio System

  Group: 09 - Engine

  09-004-06 Accessory Drive Belt Chirp At Shut Down

  Group: 13 - Frame and Bumpers

  13-001-03 Frame Alterations

  Group: 14 - Fuel

  14-002-05 Inactive Throttle Body In Cold Ambient Temperatures
  14-003-05 Superseded by TSB 14-003-06
  14-004-05 Electronic Fuel Control (EFC) Actuator Available For Service
  14-003-06 Cummins Diesel Diagnostics

  Group: 18 - Vehicle Performance

  18-007-03D Generic Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Procedure
  18-008-03 Superseded by TSB 18-029-05
  18-030-03A Generic Cummins Engine Control Module (ECM) Procedure
  18-002-04 Flash: Erroneous DTC's P0335 or P0340 Crankshaft or Camshaft Position Lost
  18-003-04 Flash: Poor A/C Performance, Slow Fuel Gauge Response, and DTC's P0341 and P1757
  18-004-04 Flash: Poor Cab Heat and/or Slow Engine Warm Up in Cold Ambient Temperatures
  18-006-04 Generic Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Procedure
  18-007-04 Flash: White Smoke, Engine Stumble/Misfire, or Flat Spot in Engine Performance
  18-010-04 Flash: MIL Illumination DTC's P0403, P0404, P0405, P0406
  18-017-04A Flash: 3.7L Driveability And OBD II Monitor Improvements
  18-021-04 MIL Illumination Diagnostic Trouble Codes P0401 P0403 P0404 P0405 P0406
  18-033-04 Generic Cummins Engine Control Module (ECM) Procedure
  18-034-04 Electronic Throttle Control Diagnostics
  18-036-04 Flash: MIL Diagnostic Trouble Code P2097 P2099
  18-037-04 Flash: Fuel Economy, White Smoke, Console MPG Accuracy
  18-041-04 Flash: Improved AutomaticTransmission Shifting In " Tow/Haul" Mode
  18-004-05 Flash: Erroneous Diagnostic Trouble Codes - P0320 and P1494
  18-013-05A Flash: Idle Fluctuation/Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  18-016-05 Throttle Body Coking
  18-017-05 Flash: Long Crank Times in Ambient Temperatures Below Freezing
  18-027-05 Flash: All Vehicles- Evaporative Leak Detection Monitor Enhancement;
Ram Quad Cab vehicles - Cold Start Rough Idle and MIL Illumination with DTC’s P0330, and/or P0740
  18-029-05 Co-Pilot Support and Correct Cable Usage
  18-037-05 Flash Programming Failure Recovery Using DRBIII
  18-022-06 Superseded by TSB 18-022-07
  18-022-07 Flash: 5.9L Turbo-Diesel Engine System Enhancements
  18-030-07 Engine Off-Idle Speed Limit Feature To Protect Turbocharger When Vehicle Is Not Moving

  Group: 19 - Steering

  19-005-03 Power Steering Fluid Usage
  19-010-04 Power Steering Fluid Contamination
  19-012-04 Superseded by TSB 19-003-05
  19-003-05 In And Out Movement In Steering Column
  19-008-05A Revised Power Steering System Bleeding Procedures

  Group: 21 - Transmission

  21-009-03 Superseded by TSB 21-018-05
  21-001-04 Transmission Solenoid Replacement
  21-004-04 Superseded by TSB 21-010-06
  21-015-05 45RFE / 545RFE Trans - Delayed Engagement Due To Cooler Return Filter Replacement
  21-018-05 Superseded by TSB 21-008-06
  21-008-06 Automatic Transmission Diagnostic Tear Down Procedure
  21-010-06 Automatic Transmission Fluid Usage ATF+4 (Type MS9602)
  21-009-07 48RE Transmission - 1-2 Shift Hunt At Light Throttle

  Group: 22 - Wheels/Tires

  22-01-97* Discussion about radial tire runout
  22-004-03 Superseded by TSB 22-001-05
  22-001-05 Chrome Wheel Care

  Group: 23 - Body

  23-003-04 Water Leak At Grab Handle
  23-004-04 Cup Holder Bind Or Sticks
  23-008-04 Superseded by TSB 23-049-05
  23-011-04 Bug Deflector Loose/Rattling
  23-029-04 Front Power Window Binds
  23-043-04 Superseded by TSB 23-015-05, then by TSB 23-020-06
  23-005-05 Improved Secondary Door Seal
  23-015-05 Superseded by TSB 23-020-06
  23-046-05A Superseded by TSB 23-009-06
  23-049-05 Drip Rail Door Seal Torn
  23-009-06 Water Leak At Roof Mounted Marker Lamps
  23-014-06 Windshield Wiper Blade/Element Maintenance
  23-020-06 Transit Film Removal
  23-013-07 Trailer Towing Mirror - New Mirror Glass Locking Tab - New Removal Procedure

  Group: 24 - Heating and Air Conditioning

  24-003-03 A/C System Additives
  24-013-05 A/C Cooling Coil Odor

  Group: 25 - Emissions Control

  25-001-04 Evaporative Systems Service
  25-001-06 Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) System Freezes In Extreme Cold Ambient

  Group: 26 - Revisions

  26-dr8a-04 SMRP - 2004 Model: DR - Group: 8A - Pages: 2, 3

  Group: 28 - Service Campaigns

  SA 03-017 Roof Seam May Lack Sufficent Body Sealer
  D-03-23 Warranty Coverage For Light Bulbs And Lamps
  28-c30-03 CSN No. C30 -- PCM Electrical Connector Seals
  28-c39-03 Safety Recall No. C39 -- Transfer Case Fasteners
  28-C44-04 Customer Satisfaction Notification No. C44 -- Transmission Cooler Line
  28-D01-04 Emissions Recall No. D01 -- Engine Data Label Information
  28-D06-04 CSN No. D06 -- Tire, Rim, and Inflation Pressure Information
  28-D19-04 CSN No. D19 -- Camshaft Sprocket Bolt Torque
  28-D23-04 CSN No. D23 -- Tire, Rim and Inflation Pressure Information
  28-D24-04 Safety Recall No. D24 -- Certification Label Tire/Rim Information
  28-D34-04 Valve Cover Stud
  28-D42-04 Reprogram PCM - OBD Calibration
  28-E09-05 Emissions Recall E09 - VECI Label
  28-ie17-06 Safety Recall E17 - Out-of-Park Alarm System

I would like to thank Bob Bergevin, Arthur Cantrall, Barry Drodge, David Lovell, Bill Maurits, and Steve for supplying the information for these bulletins. And a big thank you goes to Geno's Garage for making possible.


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