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Ram Technical Service Bulletin FAQ's


What is a Recall?

A recall is a repair order issued by a manufacturer to correct a defect that is a safety or pollution problem. The repair is covered by the manufacturer regardless of whether or not the vehicle warranty has expired.

What is a TSB?

Technical Service Bulletins from Chrysler assist service departments with common or difficult problems.  A TSB may contain updated part numbers and repair procedures and does not imply an extended warranty for a problem.

From Bob Bergevin:

FYI, CC recalls are performed on the affected vehicles AT NO CHARGE AT ANY TIME IN THEIR LIFE unless the recall is replaced with another recall. A recall is usually SAFETY related, but can be otherwise as well.  Not to be confused with a TSB that usually is only done without charge within the warrantee period, but there is some flexibility in that process as well.  See your dealer for a DIAL 2000 Function 14 check to see if you have any outstanding recalls on your new-to-you Ram.  It will also describe ALL warrantee repairs on that vehicle done by CC.  I helps to know what MDH is, month day hour  are located at the bottom of the decal on the driver side B pillar post or on the drivers door edge.  The decal lists the inflation for the stock tires.  At the bottom left(?) is printed the MDH XXXXXX and also somewhere on the decal is the year of manufacture.  The H of the hour is based on 24 hours with 01 being 1:00 AM!

Are TSB's available to the public?

"state and federal regulations that require all automotive manufacturers to provide Technical Service Bulletins to vehicle owners upon request." " All TSB's are submitted to NHTSA, as required by law, where they become a matter of public record."  FULL TEXT from Master Tech issue #29

How can I get copies of TSB's?

Individual TSB copies will be provided by your dealer's service department on request. Be reasonable here - copies of a few bulletens are not difficult to obtain from most dealerships, but they will balk at requests for too many at one time. At the end of each year, Chrysler publishes the entire TSB set, whch can be ordered thrpough the parts department.

Are all Ram TSB's Posted here?

I wish they were, but I only have so much free time...   Most of the early TSB info (XX-XX-94 through XX-XX-96) comes from the TDR and from RTML postings by Bob Bergevin  who wrote:  "My intent is to inform those readers of the existence of the TSB and perhaps a summary of the TSB. Often the TSB is MUCH longer than I desire, and I make an effort to paraphrase the TSB for my understanding, hoping your understanding is similar. Please seek out the TSB from your dealer if you feel the need to read it carefully.

TSB's issued from Jan 1, 1997 through Jan 1, 2001 are almost complete from hard copies that Bob sent to me. I am now working backwards through the earlier bulletins using a CD ROM sent to me by Barry Drodge. These pages would not exist without the help I have received from Barry and Bob.

A few Bulletins for pre-1994 models are posted. Eventually, they too will be added.

If you need a TSB that has not been posted yet, email me and I will post it as quickly as I can.

Can I get the dealer to perform a TSB even though my truck does not have the problem yet?

No two vehicles are alike, no matter how similar they appear. Manufacturing specifications include a dimension +/- a tolerance. Some vehicles at one limit of the tolerance may manifest a problem, while other vehicles falling elsewhere within the limits are fine. A problem that appears on one or even many vehicles may never appear on yours. If something covered by a TSB is broken, have the dealer repair it; if there isn't a problem, leave it alone! Be aware of potential problems, but be careful that you don't create a problem that does not exist.

What if my dealer can't or won't fix a problem? Can I get a dealer to cover a known problem after the warranty expires?

If the problem was documented before the warranty expired, the dealer will perform the repair under warranty but, you may have to produce the documentation and fight for warranty coverage. For example, if I brought my truck into the service department complaining about transmission noise and the service department said it sounded normal to them. Then 2800 miles out of warranty, the transmission looses a synchronizer and bearing. I would take the service ticket where they said "no problem found" and insist that this repair be covered under warranty. The dealership will attempt to say the problem was unrelated, but usually they will capitulate and cover the repair.

NOTE: In situations like this, it is very important to have a working relationship with your dealer and the service department. If they never see the truck, they have no service history for the vehicle, no rapport with you, and little desire to go the extra mile. I am not saying that you can't do your own service (I do my own maintenance and repairs), but you often become your own warranty station as well, especially after the odometer clicks 1 mile past the factory warranty. Food for thought.

For those having problems with warranty response or repair problems, see Resolving Warranty or Service Disputes - An excellent posting to RTML for those who have complaints about their dealer.

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