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A friend of mine who is stationed in Iraq has sent me photos from there. As a tribute to the the many military men and women serving there, I will post some of the photos as I receive them. Even if you do not approve of the US involvement in Iraq, please keep our brave armed service personnel as well as the people of Iraq and Afghanistan in your thoughts and prayers. An often used quote over there is "If you find you're in hell, keep going."

3rd Infantry Division tank

This 3rd Infantry Division tank was not slowed by a car blocking the road
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tanks firing in the desert

3rd Infantry Division tanks firing in the desert
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3rd Infantry column

3rd Infantry column passing a destroyed Iraqi tank on the way the Baghdad
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HMMVW fording a flood

1st Armored HMMVW fording a flood caused by a broken water main in Baghdad
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Brain Stigall in his HMMVW

Sgt Brian Stigall navigating through the water main flood in his HMMVW
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Hokie Flag in F/A 18

An F/A-18F Super Hornet flying a Virginia Tech flag somewhere over Iraq
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Bulldog Maintenance Crew

A group photo of the Bulldog Maintenance Crew. They rotated out of Iraq in July 2004 and returned to their base in Germany.
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Camp Slayer

Camp Slayer, a former palace now used by the Iraqi Survey Group (ISG) as they monitor the rebuilding of the country.
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View into Baghdad

A view into Baghdad from the roof of Camp Slayer.
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Beth Eby in front of sandbags

Army warrant officer Beth Eby's letters from Iraq appeared as a series in the Roanoke Times. Beth served for a year in Iraq as part of the 123rd MSB in 1st Armored. The Roanoke Times links to the photos do not work, so I have reposted them. The text is still online.  5-13-04 Letter 1

Practice with a mock IED Using HWMMVs to practice IED (Improvised Explosive Device) response. 5-13-04 Letter 2
Kicking in doors Entry technique training in a small mock city with buildings, roadways, stairs, rooms to clear, etc. 5-13-04 Letter 2
Former palace Camp Slayer, a former palace of Saddam and his Baath regime, features indoor pools, a jacuzzi, and sauna where support troops can take a break. 5-13-04 Letter 1
Spring break in Baghdad Recreation in the Camp Slayer pool. 6-20-04 Letter
1st. Sgt. Roy Bartnick, also known as “Baghdaddy” 1st. Sgt. Roy Bartnick, also known as “Baghdaddy”,  is well respected by his troops. 5-21-04 Letter
Bartnick with his new friend, the goat. 1SG Bartnick corrals a goat that wreaked hoavoc in camp. 5-21-04 Letter
Stained glass window made by Beth Eby for the 1/94FA Chapel. 5-29-04 Letter
Training on the MOUT course This MOUT (Military Operations Urban Terrain) training exercise was a joint effort between the MST (Maintenance Support Team) and 1/1 CAV. 6-14-04 Letter
Staff Sgt. Ludwig SSG Ludwig takes a break after MOUT training. 6-14-04 Letter
Brittish dog handler Matt brought sniffer dog Paddy to cheer up Beth after her ankle was injured. FWIW: Paddy is an officer, so he eats with the officers while the handler, Matt, dines with the enlisted guys in another room. 6-18-04 Letter
Beth in an Abrams tank. Beth with Sgt. Ludwig in an Abrams tank. Before leaving Iraq, Beth Eby has an opportunity to ride and drive in the Bradley fighting vehicle and and M1 Abrams tank. In the right hand photo, Beth (center with hat) and her fellow soliders joke around after a picture was taken in front of an Abrams tank.
7-03-04 Letter and 7-04-04 Letter

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