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 Valve Cover Replacement  (1994-2001 Ram Truck)


  Archived information from Eric P's site - reposted here

Project: Mopar Valve Cover Replacement

Mopar Valve Covers were just something I wanted on my truck (yes, I have the upgrade bug!) So, waiting for the right time, I set out to get a pair or Mopar Performance Black Anodized Valve covers from Summit. They arrived within a couple of days so I scheduled some garage time to install them. These are just some of the photos of the installation, it is rather a simple one and took only about an hour. So, I figured that I would only take high level shots of each component and pretty much anyone could piece the rest together; besides I was doing the install and I couldn't take a step by step anyway.  Eric P. 

Mopar Valve Cover Replacement.

Time to install: 1.5 hours

Tools needed: Socket set and a extra pair of hands.

These are the original Valve covers. These after 70k on the odometer are starting to show signs of wear. 
These are the factory stamped Rockers, springs and head. I can't wait for an engine rebuild.
This is a poor picture of the old gasket. The new Mopar one is extra think so lining up the holes is important for good sealing. 
As you can see the new covers are much more impressive than the ones from the factory. I didn't have a pic of the final install but I will try to include one soon 

If I find Eric's site, I will return the link to his page.

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