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 Fuel Injector Replacement  (1994-2001 Ram Truck)


   Author: Rawkon. Reposed using archived data from defunct site.

   Skill level: (some skill required)

I had an injector start going bad so I decided to do the replacement today.

This tech article is only for a driver side replacement, there is a lot more if you have to replace anything on the passenger side; replacing the passenger side requires removing the throttle body.


- Socket sets Metric and standard
- Standard set of wrenches
- Allen wrench set
- Pliers
- Can of Ether or starting fluid
- Rags
- Flat bladed screw driver
- motor oil


1. Start by removing the whole air filter system. It takes a flat bladed screw driver to loosen andthen remove hose from the crank case breather and lift casing off the motor.

2. Remove the bracket attached to the Air Conditioning pump. It takes all standard size sockets and thats it. Remove the bracket to make room so you can lift out the fuel rail when its time.

3. Unplug the Negative battery cable from your battery.

4. Unplug all plugs that can possibly get in the way when you lift out the fuel rail. I had to unplug anything going to the throttle body.

5. Unplug you Fuel Rail, or press in the schroeder valve, to relieve the pressure. On mine you just have to put a rag over it and unplug it, caution: the fuel is presurised and it will come flying at you. Also when removing your fuel line remember how it came out so it's easy putting it all back together.

The engine should now look similar to this:


6. Now, simply unplug all the wiring from all of the injectorss.

7. Unbolt the fuel rail, on mine there were only two bolts. One was allen keyed and the other was a nut.

8. After everything is cleared double check to make sure everything is unplugged.

9. Lift out the fuel rail like so:


10. Figure out how your retainer clip is on and remove it carefully without breaking it.

11. Now, remove your fuel injectors.

Heres my old injector after removal.



12. Before you install the new injector, be sure to lube the o-rings on the top and bottom of the injector so that they will seal properly and won't be damaged. I used castrol 20w50 because thats what i had in my truck.

13. Install the new injector and put the retainer clip back on.

14. After you are done putting in your injectors push the fuel rail back into place. Be sure all the injectors are goin into their holes.

15. Bolt the fuel rail back down and torque it to factory settings.

16. Plug all your electrical and vacuum lines and connections back where they belong.

17. Bolt the AC bracket back in.

18. Re-attach the fuel line back into the fuel rail. this can be tricky.

19. Put your negative battery cable back on.

20. Test your fuel line and rail. Test it by giving a visual over all the connectors and sealing surfaces in the injectors. Turn your ignition key twice so that your fuel pump primes and pressurises the rail. Look and inspect for leaks.

If there are none start the motor, and if there are still no leaks; you've done everything right! Turn the motor off and put your air filter assembly back on.

All of this took me about an hour after I figured out how my fuel line went back in.


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