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 Evap. Canister Relocation   (1994-2001 Ram Truck)


  Author: Crazeejay. Originally posted at, which is dead. The archived information is reposted here.

  Skill level:  (Easy)

The reason I chose to do this is because the evaporation canisters for the fuel system hang down low and could easily be damaged when off roading. This article is only meant for vehicles that have been bodylifted, non-bodylifted trucks will not have the space between the cab and the frame to do this.


As you can see in this picture, the canisters are very prone to smashing on a rock

Tools Needed
- 17/64" Drill bit
- M8 x 1.25 tap
- 3/8" drill bit
- 1" x 3/16 x 6" strip of metal


First I removed the four bolts holding the whole assembly to the frame and let it hang down but resting on a block of wood so it didn't stretch the lines.


I then drilled and tapped a hole roughly 1 1/2" ahead of where the line passes thru the frame.
(17/64" drill size, M8 x 1.25 tap so you can re-use the stock bolts)


I then made this (picture above) bracket for the front side of the cannisters. I'ts a piece of 1" x 3/16x 6". The holes are 3/8" just for clearance.

Then I loosely installed the whole set up and marked where the 2 holes on the bracket would be on the frame. I then drilled and tapped them, (same size as before). The top hole on the bracket I used just a plain nut and bolt to hold it to the cannister assembly. Then I tightened everything up and here it is, the final product:

I am very glad I did this mod as I have heard of many people demolishing these canisters while offroading. They cost around $250 to replace at the dealer! 1 hour of work and I saved my truck from possible disaster.


After installation its easy to see that these canisters will no longer be a problem.  

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